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Setting The Stage For Eternity by Harlan D. Betz

Setting The Stage For Eternity by Harlan D. Betz
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A study of the judgment seat of Christ and its impact on a believer in this life and in the life to come.
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Editorial Reviews

Dr. Howard G. Hendricks, Distinguished Professor and Chairman, Center of Christian Leadership
It may be one of the most significant books a twenty-first century Christian reads.

Dr. Gene Getz, PH.D, President, Center for Chruch Renéwal
Here's a book that will clarify a lot of confusion. A must Read!

Lael Arrington, Author, Co-host, The Things That Matter Most boradcast
Harlan Betz reminds me that I am in a race. And me makes me want to win.

Zane Hodges, President, Kerugma, Inc., Author
This volume is an extremely valuable contribution to the often neglected, but important biblical doctrine of rewards.

Dr. Stanley D. Troussaint, TH.D., Sr Professor Emeritus of Bible Exposition, Dallas Theological Seminary
Simply written, well illustrated and definite in its conclusions......

Book Description
A study of the judgment seat of Christ and its impact on a believer in this life and in the life to come.

From the Publisher
Falcon Publishing, LTD is proud to be a part of this inspirational work and our hope is that all will embrace this book and its message

About the Author
Dr. Betz is SR Pastor of Kingwood Bible Church in Kingwood, TX. He earned a B.A.from the University of Iowa, completed his Th.M in New Testament Literature and Exegesis at Dallas Theological Seminary and graduated "Magna Cum Laude" from Cambridge Graduate School where he earned his PH.D. Dr. Betz has been a pastor and motivational speaker for over 30 years. His teaching is personal, practical, motivational, enthusiastic, and life changing.

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Friends and family, I was a guest speaker at the mega-church Christ the Rock Community Church. I spoke four times in two days over the weekend. For those of you interested and would like to hear the half-hour message, see below. May the Lord speak to you through this message.

God Is Able by Dr. René López


Jesus Family Tomb Examined

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Those who enjoy reading mysteries will enjoy this book’s exposure of the real conspiracy involved in Cameron’s “documentary.”


—Craig S. Keener, Ph.D.,

Author of countless books, and

Professor of New Testament

Palmer Seminary



René López gives the Jesus family tomb theory the thorough debunking it so richly deserves. He points out countless errors and lapses in logic on the part Simcha Jacobovici and his associates, who have foisted on a naive public and gullible media a highly implausible scenario. Critical scholars and laity alike are appalled by this travesty. The Jesus Family Tomb Examined will go a long way toward setting the record



—Craig A. Evans, Ph.D.

Payzant Distinguished Professor

of New Testament at Acadia Divinity College



René López’s work skillfully dismantles point

by point the arguments made by these advocates and shows cogently how Jesus’ tomb continues to remain empty, because He rose physically. I wholeheartedly recommend this work.


—Josh D. McDowell

International Author and Speaker


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